It’s About Time


It’s About Time

Our best days are ahead! I always say that. No matter what my season looks like. Yes, I was taught to always speak positive. Always keep a positive outlook and always speak the Word. If I want to be honest, I can talk about how hard 2020 really has been. At the beginning of the year I was anticipating much growth and vision. I have experienced the opposite. Or have I? Just because we may feel like we are in a season of lack does not mean that we are losing. Pruning has a purpose. Pruning is about becoming more fruitful.

The battles I have fought this year haven been hard. I wish I could just flip a switch on midnight when we enter into Jan 1st, 2021. Yet it doesn’t work that way. We always enter 2021 just how 2020 ends. Yes, we may have some different goals. Different perspectives. Maybe a different motivation. None of that really changes us. Taking action does. James 2:26, faith without works is dead.

Every year I begin to ask God for a specific Word for 2021. I believe I have already received part of that Word. Genesis 46:20, Joseph had two sons. Manasseh and Ephraim. The meaning of Manasseh is, God has made me forget entirely my troubles.” Ephraim means “to be fruitful.” I feel the Word of the Lord is, we are about to give birth to Manasseh and Ephraim. We are getting ready to enter into a season where God is going to make us forget our troubles and we are about to be more fruitful than we ever have been. Get ready Church. We are entering into the greatest season of our lives. Forget the past and be fruitful. Your best days are ahead! It’s About Time!

Pastor Neil Betrue

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